[Yotchan Shokuhin] Big cut Yotchan/ “[よっちゃん食品株式会社] Big カットよっちゃん“

I’m not quite sure whether we can call this as a snack or not. The name is “Yotchan.” But when we visit the homepage of the producer, it is in the lineup of snacks. So, it is snack.
Among Japanese, this snack is known as “Yotchan Ika(squid)” because it used to be made of squid. But today, they use other fish also. By the way, the name “Yotchan” is from nickname of the founder of the company.


As for the package of cheapest snack, this is surprisingly impressive. On the background of red and white belt, a squid is trying to catch fish. How fantastic.

Of course, the other side is also decorated in red and white. Since the content is not completely dry, you can see some pieces are touching on the surface. It stimulates my appetite undoubtedly.


Let’s open it. As well as the package, the content is also in surprising color. Pink or orange?


The size of the pieces are roughly same. About the size of your fingertip. When you put it in, again, the taste is also surprisingly sour. They keep cut squid and fish in vinegar and make this snack.


As you have closer look, you can find there’s some difference between piece and piece. They mix squid with other fish and the difference adds some accent on eating it.



-Nutrition facts (per bag (25g ))


Total fat:0.6g

Considering the total net, the energy and fat are surprisingly low and it uses a lot of vinegar, it can be good to your health.

-Allergy ingredients

Shrimp Crab Buckwheat Flour Egg Milk Peanut

*Squid and soy bean is also included.
*Made by the machine which make other product includes Egg, Milk, Shrimp.
*Fishes used eat crab.


4.Snack Information

Name: Big cut Yotchan ”Big カットよっちゃん”
Maker: Yotchan Shokuhin
Net: 25g
Price: 60 JPY
Where you can buy: Cheap snack shop, Grocery store, convenience store etc.

[as of Oct 2015]


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