[Nestle] KitKat Hojicha taste(Kyoto) / “[ネスレ]キットカット ほうじ茶(京都)”

We found local specialty KitKat in Kyoto.
They have two taste, one is Uji-matcha, another one is Hojicha taste.

Last post I wrote about Itohkyuemon Uji-matcha KitKat,
so this time  I write about left one “Itohkyuemon Hojicha KitKat”.

2015-10-16 09.34.33

Matcha is famous, but Hojicha is more popular in Japan.


The face of the box is this, Title and Houjicha picture.
At left upper side, “京都土産” means Kyoto souvenir, at center “ほうじ茶” means high quality Hojicha.
Right side “伊藤久右衛門” means the shop name of famous tea shop “Itohkyuemon“. They also supervise this KitKat.

2015-10-16 09.38.59

As I mentioned in Matcha post, Itohkyuemon started to make tea 200 years ago.
They have so long history and skill.
This KitKat also probably taste great!

The back of the package is this.

2015-10-16 09.40.00At the lower left, it says “Information for international customer” in English,
but in Japanese “1日1回毎日当選のチャンス” means “They draw lots everyday! Let’s join”.

It’s different. lol

You can open this box from side by tearing like this.

2015-10-16 09.41.10

You can get small KitKat.

2015-10-16 09.41.40

In the box, there are 5 pieces.

2015-10-16 09.42.08


In plastic package, there is Hojicha taste KitKat!

2015-10-16 20.43.55

Inside is like this. It’s wafer.


2015-10-16 20.44.27

It’s so yummy!!

You can find Matcha KitKat (not Itohkyuemon one) in anywhere in Japan,
BUT Hojicha KitKat in mainly Kyoto only.

When you visit Kyoto, please try it one.


2015-10-16 09.39.14

-Nutrition facts (per 1 piece (11.6g))

Total fat:3.6g

2015-10-16 09.39.33

-Allergy ingredients

Shrimp Crab Buckwheat Flour Egg Milk Peanut

*Also soybean is included.

4.Snack Information

Name: KitKat Itoh Kyuemon Hojicha (Kyoto) ”キットカット 伊藤久右衛門 ほうじ茶 (京都)”
Maker: Nestle
Net: 11.6g *5 pieces
Price: 378 JPY
Where you can buy: Souvenir shop in Kyoto

[as of Oct 2015]



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