[Morinaga] Koeda Milk/”[森永] 小枝 ミルク”

Today, we introduce long seller snack from 1971.(44 years ago)
It’s “Koeda” which means small wood stick in Japanese.
This is chocolate snack looks like wood stick.
Let’s see it!


On main package, product picture are there on upper half.
And rich chocolate image is below.
This product picture isn’t real scale.
IMGP6163On this season, they collaborate with world’s masterpieces of animation.
There is an image of Rascal the raccoon on the left.

Then side package is this.
IMGP6165This image is real scale!
This side has campaign information.
IMGP6166On the backside, we could find composition and nutrition.
IMGP6164There is an explanation says that please enjoy mild milk chocolate with rich almond!
Can’t wait opening!


Let’s open it.
IMGP6167There are 11 pieces of small packages.
IMGP6168It’s 7 kinds of masterpieces.
IMGP6170Each masterpiece has each famous phrase on it.
IMGP6169Let’s open inner package.
IMGP6171There are 4 pieces of chocolates.
Looks like wood stick.
IMGP6173The size is 4.5cm.
IMGP6175Let’s taste.
The combination of roasted almond with sweet milk chocolate is really fantastic!
This simple and nice tastes is the secret of long seller!


-There is a nutrition of each small package(4 pieces)

Energy :33kcal
Protein :0.40g
Total fat :1.9g
Carbohydrates :3.5g
Sodium : 4.7mg

-Allergy ingredients

Shrimp Crab Buckwheat Flour Egg Milk Peanut

*Soy beans are included.
*This is made by the factory of using egg.

4.Snack Information

Name: Koeda “小枝”
Maker: Morinaga
Net: 44 pieces
Price: 170 JPY
Where you can buy: supermarket, convenience store etc.

[as of Dec 2015]


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