[MORINAGA] Hi-SOFT/ “[森永]ハイソフト”

There are many types of snacks in Japan.
In this time, let me introduce a famous milk caramel “Hi-SOFT”!

Hi-SOFT is released in 1969, about 46 years ago!!


The design is not so changed from when I was child.
Now they add the card of world heritage site in Japan.
It’s nice!

2015-10-23 10.57.34

Open this box.

Yes I got the card.

2015-10-23 10.58.57

This is… Horyu-ji temple located in Nara prefecture.
It’s one of the oldest wooden buildings existing in the world.

2015-10-23 10.59.51

I’d like to visit there again!


There are 12 pieces caramels in 1 box.

2015-10-23 11.00.30

Open the wrap.

Like this.

2015-10-23 11.01.40

Do you know why they have groove?

It make easier to open and pick up caramel because caramel with groove don’t stick papers.

Make sense. It’s wisdom.

The taste is rich taste, so sweet, bit chewy.

Be careful if you wear fillings in your teeth!


2015-10-23 10.58.20

-Nutrition facts (per 6.0 g (1pieces))

Total fat:0.62g

-Allergy ingredients

Shrimp Crab Buckwheat Flour Egg Milk Peanut

Soy beans is also included.
*Made by the machine which make other product includes peanut.

4.Snack Information

Name: Hi-SOFT ”ハイソフト”
Net: 6.0g*12
Price: 114 JPY
Where you can buy: Grocery store, convenience store etc.

[as of Oct 2015]



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