[Morinaga] DARS Milk/”[森永] ダース ミルク”

It’s December now.
Today I want to introduce the snack of December!

It means twelve. 12 pieces of chocolate “DARS” is a standard chocolate.
Let’s see it.


This package is similar size to iPhone5.
It’s really simple and stylish.IMGP6176Only name and product images are on front side.
Let’s see backside.
IMGP6177There is a campaign information of “1 chocolate for 1 smile”.
Morinaga donate to African country where cacao is got.

It’s so simple that we couldn’t say many thing.
Let’s open it.


We open outer package.
IMGP6178There is inner silver package.
Then, open it!
IMGP61791 dars of chocolate are coming out!
Each chocolate has their name on the face.
The size is about 3.0cm ×1.5cm.
Good for 1 bite.

Inside of chocolate is this.
IMGP6182Filled with milk chocolate!
Looks so tasty.

Let’s try.
Wow, delicious. My mouth is filled with rich milk chocolate flavor.
It’s the milk chocolate!!
I want to drink coffee.
It melt in my mouth and very nice.
I eat whole DARS in few minutes…

IMGP6183After eating, there are pictures of African children’s.


-There is a nutrition of each piece.
IMGP6177-2Energy :21kcal
Protein :0.26g
Total fat :1.4g
Carbohydrates :1.8g
Sodium : 2.6mg

-Allergy ingredients

Shrimp Crab Buckwheat Flour Egg Milk Peanut

*Soy beans are included.
*This is made by the factory of using egg and flour.

4.Snack Information

Name: DARS milk”ダース ミルク”
Maker: Morinaga
Net: 12 pieces
Price: 110 JPY
Where you can buy: supermarket, convenience store etc.

[as of Dec 2015]


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