[meiji]Kinoko no yama / “[明治]きのこの山”

Kinoko no yama is also long seller snack as Takenoko no sato.
This snack is 40th year anniversary!!(4 years older than Takenoko.)
It is said that there’s war between Kinoko and Takenoko.
Let’s try and compare those.


We try the most popular taste “chocolate” one.
Let’s try!!
IMG_4503Kinoko no yama and Takenoko no sato looks similar.
Kinoko means mushroom.
Yama means mountain.
So this snack’s name is Mountain of mushroom!!
On the package, some mountains and funny character are there.
(It says double chocolate layers are special tasty!)

On backside. There’s explanation about taste. But we write later.
IMG_4504At side, just mountain picture.
But we’re wondering why there is Kinoko’s 40th anniversary campaign information on Takenoko, but none on Kinoko’s package.
IMG_4505Let’s open it!
IMG_4506One package comes out!! Can’t wait!
And there’s also funny character. It’s name is Kinoyama-san.
IMG_4512And right side, you could find Takenoko-like character. It’s Takesato brothers.


In small package, there are many pieces of chocolate snack looks like mushroom.
IMG_4507Do you know how many pieces in 1 small pack? Let’s count!!
IMG_450831 mushrooms!!!
But three of them are broken…
Anyway let’s try tasting!!
IMG_4511Tasty chocolate!!
There are 3 parts.
At first, the core is biscuit!
Second layer is milk chocolate!!
Third layer is Cacao chocolate!!!
This combination is similar to Takenoko no sato.
But cookie part is a little bit different. We think Kinoko is biscuit-like and Takenoko is cookie.


-Nutrition facts (per 1 small package (74g)) *Takenoko was 70g.

Total fat:25.2g

-Allergy ingredients

Shrimp Crab Buckwheat Flour Egg Milk Peanut

*Also soy bean is included.

4.Snack Information

Name: Kinoko no yama ”きのこの山”
Maker: Meiji
Net: 1 pakages * 74g
Price: 170-200 JPY
Where you can buy: Grocery store, Convenience store etc.

[as of Sep 2015]


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