[Meiji] Yogurette /”[明治]ヨーグレット”

Today, I will introduce you a rather unique snack. It’s so unique and at sometime found itself fits in a gap between a category and category.
The name is “Yogurette.” Concerning the price, it should be in the genre of cheap sweet, and many Japanese have some experience of eating it.


The package is like this. Neatly designed box. If you see this for the first time and don’t read Japanese, you will wonder like “Is this a tobacco? Or maybe a medicine…”


When you open the box, you will see this silver plastic bag. Then your wonder is deepen. “Ah, it’s not a tobacco. But is it medicine? I don’t think I bought this in a drugstore.”


Opening the bag, you will find this inner package. Then, your doubt finally turns into a confidence. “Eh, this is medicine. I made a mistake”



Of course, it’s not medicine.
But your guess isn’t totally wrong. The producer Meiji categorize this snack as “Tablet sweets” and this is also called as Food with Nutrient Function Claims (FNFC).


In a box, 3 sheets which hold 6 tablets is included. One box 18 tablets. The taste is like thin yoghurt. You can easily bite off and it will dissolve in your mouth. By the way, they have a sister product named “High-lemon.” Of course, it features Vitamin C.


-Nutrition facts (per box (28g)). You can take almost half calcium required for one day with a box.


Total fat:0.6g

-Allergy ingredients

Shrimp Crab Buckwheat Flour Egg Milk Peanut

4.Snack information

Name: Yogurette ”ヨーグレット”
Maker: Meiji
Net: 28g
Price: 130 JPY
Where you can buy: super market, convenience store etc.

[as of Nov 2015]


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