[meiji] Kinoko no yama Ogura toast flavor/”[明治] きのこの山 小倉トースト風味”

Today, we want to introduce another version of the “kinoko no yama” which is chocolate looks like mushroom.
It is “Ogura toast” flavor which means “Toast with Red bean paste” flavor.
Sounds interesting.
Last time we have tried same flavor of KitKat.
Let’s try special flavor in Nagoya area.


At first, we check the package. This package has quiet tone.
In Nagoya, there are many flashy color. So I’m surprised.
This reminds me of retro cafe at Nagoya.
IMGP6043How surprising! This “Kinoko no yama” looks white!!
Isn’t it poisonous??
Normal “Kinoko no yama” is black. I really want to try.

The picture of “Ogura toast” has sizzling feeling.
On top and side of the box have similar pictures.


Backside is this.
IMGP6045There are composition and nutrition.
On the right side, we could see explanation of this special snack.
On top is white chocolate with red bean powder.
The below is cracker as usual.
How is the taste???
Let’s open it.
IMGP6046Comiiiing!! Here is the fabulous golden dolphinlike fish!!!(It’s icon of Nagoya.)
Furthermore, there’s a saying “Derauma!” which means “super delicious” in Nagoya dialect.

There are 10 small packages inside.


OK. Let’s taste!
IMGP6048There are 7 pieces of small mushrooms.
Actually it is white.
IMGP6049Ohhh, one of these is broken..
IMGP6051White mushroom! It’s rare for Japanese people.
The size is same as usual. It’s about 3 cm.

This is the “Ogura toast”!!(Sorry I haven’t tried that…)
As on the picture, we could feel butter flavor which makes us feeling toast.
It’s really tasty and has rich flavor.
The handle part is crunchy cracker as usual.
It’s “Derauma”!!!


-Nutrition facts (per 16g)

Total fat:5.7g

-Allergy ingredients

Shrimp Crab Buckwheat Flour Egg Milk Peanut

*Soy beans is included.

4.Snack Information

Name: “Kinoko no yama Ogura toast flavor” / “きのこの山 小倉トースト風味”
Maker: meiji
Net: 16g*10 package
Price: 900 JPY
Where you can buy: “Local(around Nagoya)” Grocery store, convenience store etc.

[as of Oct 2015]


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