[Mangetsu]Ajyarimochi(Kyoto local speciality) / “[満月]阿闍梨餅”

Ajyari-mochi is famous japanese sweets in Kyoto, and one of the best Japanese sweets I think.
Ajyari-mochi is named because they resemble the conical wicker hat worn by “Ajyari ” (in English Acharya) doing the 1000-day circumambulation at Enryaku-ji temple on Mt. Hiei.


You could get Ajyarimochi at shops of Mangetsu (Maker) or department store.

One of the shops is located at Sanneizaka “産寧坂” near Kiyomizu temple “清水寺”.
2015-10-15 16.04.58address: 605-0862 3-315 Kiyomizu, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto

They sell several size of package.
Here are small box and just 1 piece.

2015-10-17 08.53.34

There are 5 pieces in 1 small box.

2015-10-17 08.54.48

This box is original design of this branch.
They say “Kyoto Kiyomizu Sanneizaka branch(京都清水産寧坂店)”

2015-10-17 08.56.18

The painting is also original. Maybe it’s Kiyomizu-temple.

2015-10-17 08.56.52

It looks nice.

The face of Ajyarimochi is simple.
It says ajyarimochi “阿闍梨餅” and Kyoto’s sweets “京銘菓”

2015-10-17 08.55.05


Inside of the package, there is Ajyarimochi like pan cake.

2015-10-17 08.58.49

The skin is bit sticky and inside the skin there is red bean paste.

2015-10-17 08.59.31

It’s so nice.

This has a good texture.
Skin and red bean jam are great balance.

If you like Japanese sweets and don’t haste red bean jam,
Ajyarimochi is MUST to eat in Kyoto!!


2015-10-17 08.55.50

-Nutrition facts

Total fat:N/Ag

-Allergy ingredients

Shrimp Crab Buckwheat Flour Egg Milk Peanut

4.Snack Information

Name: Ajyari-mochi “阿闍梨餅”
Maker: Mangetsu
Net:  42g
Price: 108 JPY / 1piece
Where you can buy: Mangetsu shop in Kyoto, Department store (Mainly in Kyoto, sometimes in Tokyo or Other city)
Best befor: in about 4days

[as of Oct. 2015]



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