[House]Tongari corn /”[ハウス食品]とんがりCorn”

“Tongari corn” is a type of snack which is made of corn. And flavored with salty consomme soup(chicken and vegetable flavor).
Let us try!!


This design is focused on Corn and snack pictures.
IMGP5978This one is “Just for one person”, so it’s not so big.
IMGP5981About one hand(20 cm).
On backside, there are many information like composition, allergy and short explanation.

It’s too wordy I think…
Let us open and try!!


When you open the bag, there  are many corn snacks.
IMGP5982I think it’s 40-50 pieces of corn.
I love this flavor!! Consomme!!
IMGP5985Each size is about 4 cm.
We can’t stop eating because it’s so crispy and tasty!!
IMGP5983When we were child, we play to do like this.
It’s claw of Monster!!!


-Nutrition facts (per 1 small package (37g))

Total fat:11.2g

-Allergy ingredients

エビ カニ ソバ 小麦 ピーナッツ

*Soy bean and chicken are included.

4.Snack information

Name: Tongari corn ”とんがりCorn”
Maker: House
Net: 1 pakages * 37g
Price: about 100 JPY
Where you can buy: Grocery store, Convenience store etc.

[as of Sep 2015]


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