[Glico]Pocky DEMITASSE / “[グリコ]ポッキー デミタス”

Today I find new Pocky “Pocky DEMITASSE”.

Pocky is famous snack all over the world, but I think Pocky DEMITASSE is sold only in Japan.

Let’s try!


The package of Pocky DEMITASSE is looked high-class than normal Pocky.
The size is smaller, it is almost same as iPhone5,
highth is bit shorter and width is bit longer.

2015-11-26 09.13.32

It contains 1.7 times cacao as normal pocky per 1 stick.
It’s really strong cacao!

2015-11-26 09.13.44

Open the box, you can find a man hang from a chocolate bar.
I think designer have strong preferences about this.:)

I found!

2015-11-26 09.14.38

In box there are 1 black package.

2015-11-26 09.14.51

Let’s taste.


There are 16 sticks in 1 package.

2015-11-26 09.15.57

This pocky is shorter than normal one, so it looks pretty!

When I snap the pocky, you could see the cookie covered with thick chocolate.

2015-11-26 09.17.00

The taste is not so sweet, little bit bitter.
It’s great! I love it.

I think it’s fit to male.

I would like to drink coffee with this Pocky DEMITASSE.


2015-11-26 09.13.57

-Nutrition facts (per 40 g (1 box))

Total fat:10.2g

-Allergy ingredients

Shrimp Crab Buckwheat Flour Egg Milk Peanut
* *

Soybean is also included.
*Made by the machine which make other product includes egg and peanut.

4.Snack Information

Name: Pocky demitasse ”ポッキーデミタス”
Maker: Glico
Net: 40g
Price: 130 JPY
Where you can buy: Grocery store, convenience store etc.

[as of Nov 2015]



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