[Glico]Bisco Cream sand biscuit / “[グリコ]ビスコクリームサンドビスケット”

The copy is “it is delicious, and makes you stronger”



today I will taste Bisco! one of the favorites of Japanese peoples’.
The boy printed on the package has been colored this biscuit over 70 years, and he still looks like a baby.
There will be a good chance you can be like him if you keep eating this biscuit. Just kidding.


The other side of the package.
two bears with hats are eating a cake made of bisco.
they look happy to have bisco together, saying “you being happy is my happiness”



there are 3 bags of biscuits in the box.



A piece of cream sanded biscuit.
It is small enough for children to eat by themselves.

By the way does anybody know why every single biscuit in the world has some lace-like patterns on it?
I googled but he did not know the answer.
If you notice, there some Japanese letters are written, and it says “Bisco”. very detailed.

Now, I will talk about the taste. …But cannot find a word.
It feels sweet, sour, and bitter at the same time. Still tastes absolutely great.
I read the nutrition fact, but I did not find any hint of hint which shows the secret of the biscuit.

Anyways, you will never forget this taste.
Even with eyes closed, you will find out which biscuit you are eating.
And this is why this biscuit has been loved over 70 years.




-Nutrition facts (per 20 g (1bag))

Total fat:3.7g

-Allergy ingredients

Shrimp Crab Buckwheat Flour Egg Milk Peanut

4.Snack Information

Name: Bisco Cream sand biscuit ”ビスコクリームサンドビスケット”
Maker: Glico
Net: 15 pieces (5 pieces x 3 bags)
Price: 148 JPY
Where you can buy: Grocery store, convenience store etc.

[as of Jan 2016]



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