[Fujiya] Milky /”[不二家]ミルキー”

There are some most popular candies which can be called as standard though, nothing is bigger than this “Milky” This Milky started selling in 1951, the time Japan was still struggling to get out from the hard time after war. The founder of a western confectionery shop Fujiya, which has become a large company established this unique taste after much trial and error.


The package of Milky is like this. Today, I chose the most popular package which contains 120g. What is outstanding is the character of this candy, Peko-chan. Peko-chan would be just a character of this Milky but, she now has become the character of the company itself. That means, the history of Fujiya cannot be separated with Milky.


Let’s open. It’s full of candies covered in paper.


It will be like this if I arrange those in line.


You can see Peko-chan on this paper also. Sometimes, you can find another paper which is decorated with the pattern of four-leaf clover that is considered as a lucky item in Japan.


And it is also believed that you are lucky if you find eleven-faced paper with no face is cut at the end of the paper.
I found it. I’ve gotta keep!



The candy is like this. Looking at photo, it’s hard to tell the feeling though, it’s not so hard as hard candies. It’s like between candy and caramel and you can choose whether you bite it or keep it in your mouth. But you should be careful for filling on your teeth not to be removed for this is rather sticky. It’s universal that sweet things sometimes bite you.



-Nutrition facts (per bag (120g))


Energy :434kcal
Protein :3.7g
Total fat :6.4g
Carbohydrates :205g
Sodium :136mg

-Allergy ingredients

Shrimp Crab Buckwheat Flour Egg Milk Peanut

4.Snack Information

Name: Milky ”ミルキー”
Maker: Fujiya
Net: 120g
Price: 250 JPY
Where you can buy: super markets, convenience stores etc.

[as of November 2015]


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