[Calbee] Jagarico Tebasaki flavor/”[カルビー] じゃがりこ 手羽先味”

This time, we want to try local “Jagarico”. It focus on local flavor.
This one is “Tebasaki” flavor. It’s original in Nagoya area.
Let’s try local taste snack!!


Look at this golden package!!
People around Nagoya likes gorgeous color.
Golden and shiny.
IMG_4664On the package, there are pictures of “Jagarico” and “Tebasaki”. Looks so tasty.
Tebasaki is fried chicken with special sauce and pepper.

Wow! There is giraffe character.
On the side, you could also find giraffe.


He says “Spicy and tasty! Addictive!!”.
I want to try!!

IMG_4663The other side, there’s giraffe of Samurai costume.
He also loves to say pans. This type has dialect.
Wonderful and interesting.

On the back, you could find composition and bar code art.
It’s fun to find many interesting picture.
IMG_4665Let’s open it!
There is door inside.
(He says “Please help yourself”.)

IMG_4666Go on! There are 8 small packages in it.
IMG_4667Also inner package is golden. Gorgeous.
There are 4 types of small packages.
Every design include dialect and pans.


Finally we could see inside.
IMG_4672In one small package, you’ll find 20 pieces of small “jagarico”s. It’s about 4.5 cm and a little bit smaller that normal one.

It smells and looks pepper.
IMG_4674Can’t wait eating!!

Wow!! It’s also crispy.
And tasty with pepper spice.
Wonderful! I wanna eat with beer!!

It takes only 1 minute to finish.
I wanna taste more!!


-Nutrition facts (per 20g)

Total fat:4.8g

-Allergy ingredients

Shrimp Crab Buckwheat Flour Egg Milk Peanut

*They don’t use potato of genetic recombination.
*Soy beans is included.

4.Snack Information

Name: “Jagariko Tebasaki flavor” / “じゃがりこ 手羽先味”
Maker: Calbee
Net: 20g*8 package
Price: 900 JPY
Where you can buy: “Local(around Nagoya)” Grocery store, convenience store etc.

[as of Oct 2015]


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