[Calbee] Jagarico Onion consomme /”[カルビー]じゃがりこ オニオンコンソメ”

Today I introduce limited-time product of Jagarico!
Jagarico is one of the famous snacks in Japan released in 1995.
The new flavor is onion consomme.
You can get only at Family mart, one of biggest convenience store.

Let’s try it!


The face is like this.

2015-11-30 09.03.28

There are some pattern on the top of the package.
Do you see what’s pattern?

2015-11-30 09.02.23

It looks onion!
The back of “期間限定” is also onion shape.
(“期間限定” means limited-time product.)

There also is pattern on side.
The design of bar code is  also unique.

It looks curtain.

2015-11-30 09.03.05

There is “best before date” and “production date” under the bottom.
“賞味期限” is best before date.
“16.01.22” means you could taste best before 22th Jan. 2016.

“G製造日” is production date.
“15.10.22” means Calbee made this on 22th Oct. 2015.

2015-11-30 09.02.42


Open the top, you could see lots of sticks in the box.

2015-11-30 09.03.44

The color is darker and taste is stronger than normal one because it’s onion consomme.

Taste good, but personally I like normal one.
By the way, it’s interesting to enjoy new flavor.


2015-11-30 09.02.28

-Nutrition facts (per 52 g (1 cup))

Total fat:12.5g

-Allergy ingredients

Shrimp Crab Buckwheat Flour Egg Milk Peanut

Soybean is also included.

4.Snack Information

Name: Jagarico onion consomme ”じゃがりこ オニオンコンソメ”
Maker: Calbee
Net: 52g
Price: 140 JPY
Where you can buy: Family mart

[as of Nov. 2015]



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