[Bourbon] Mochi chocolat Kinako&Kuromitsu/”[ブルボン] モチショコラ きなこ&黒みつ”

Today we want to introduce one of the newest chocolate.
This one is just sold out on 15th December.

Mochi + Chocolate is new combination for us.
Let’s see!!


Totally it’s yellow color based. It’s color of Kinako(soy bean powder).
IMGP6204On the package, there are image of Kinako(soy bean) and honey.
Let’s see another side.
IMGP6206We could understand the inside of sweets.
There are three layers(Mochi with soy bean powder, Chocolate of soy bean powder and Honey).
That’s exciting!

On backside, you could find nutrition and composition.
IMGP6205There’s an explanation that it’s mochi sweets, so please careful for children and elder person.


What’s inside? Let’s open it.
IMGP6208There are two inner packages.
Inside of this is…
IMGP62094 pieces of Mochi chocolate!!
Looks very soft!

Let’s see inside of the snack.
IMGP6211We could find 3 layers.
This is the time to eat!

Wow!! Have you tried mochi? This is mochi!
Then soy bean powder and honey flavors come out!
It’s less chocolate, but really tasty and new feeling!
Mochi with soy bean powder is the best combination.


-There is a nutrition of one package(92g).
IMGP6205-2Energy :366kcal
Protein :4.1g
Total fat :12.2g
Carbohydrates :60.0g
Sodium : 17mg

-Allergy ingredients

Shrimp Crab Buckwheat Flour Egg Milk Peanut

*Soy bean is included.

4.Snack Information

Name: Mochi chocolate Kinako & Kuromitsu “モチショコラ きなこ&黒みつ”
Maker: Bourbon
Net: 92g
Price: 200 JPY
Where you can buy: Grocery store, convenience store etc.

[as of Dec 2015]


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  1. Hi,I enjoy reading your blog..how do you make your ptucires so…deliciously vivid?Interesting, I just received some shingen-mochi as omiyage last month! One of them looked like yours, and the other was wrapped in a brown and green paper furoshiki. The mochi inside was similar (from Kikyo-ya, covered with kinako) except it didn’t come with kuromitsu and the mochi itself had finely chopped nuts in it. Would you happen to know what that one is called? I’d like to buy some, since I might be travelling to Japan this summer!Thanks!-Naomi (Oahu, HI) Posted by

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